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Vienna’s Albertina Museum: A Treasury of Modernist Art

The Albertina, one of the most important palace-museums in Vienna, is a treasure trove for Modernist art. It features an enviable permanent collection of notable 19th and 20th century European artworks, covering important movements such as Impressionism, Expressionism and Fauvism through artists like Picasso, Monet, Renoir, Degas and more.

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An Ode To The Streets Of Prague

My day had been full of explorations, but homesickness had started kicking in lately. I felt a little alienated with my surroundings, but Prague is a theatrical city, so it was hard to be certain why. My three days here marked the ending of a two month-long trip to Europe. This was the first time…

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Falling in Love with Vienna

Vienna is best described as a city of art and culture. That is what sustains it, that is what gives it its reputation. Having been a hometown to some of the most significant artists of European history, the city takes pride in its heritage. The Innere Stadt or the inner-most district of Vienna houses the…

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A Rainy Evening in Budapest

On a windy European evening last June, I set out to explore the city of Budapest. The city is a medley of old architectures housing an abundance of culture, intercepted by modern buildings.

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